Everybody knows how does the BLACK FRIDAY look like every year. Tons of ads on the radio, TV, newspapers, plenty of huge posters, banners with announcements of promotions up to 75% – 80% or sometimes even more. This sales madness starts already at the begging of November. Where did it come from? It started in USA and quite fast it became a symbol of the American free market and above all, of the richness of American trade.

But what exactly Black Friday hides behind all of this colorful, attracting everybody cover? What kind of impact it has on us – the customers? Well, first of all we need to answer the question what feelings this event creates in us. Watching all of those ads, hearing all those great-sounding commercials you want to have more and more. You want to buy no matter what exactly, products you don’t really need. All videos, from States especially, showing people that are staying whole night in the line in front of the shops, waiting for doors open, running between the shelves, fighting for the last product – it sounds ridiculous? Maybe, but this is exactly what BLACK FIRDAY is doing with us. It’s creating the desire to have more at any cost. How many of us didn’t participate in this madness? Did we ever think what is the exact price of this action and who exactly is paying for that? Companies lure as with promotions that can be only possible at the expense of breaking employees’ rights, catastrophic environmental pollution and mountains of textile and toxic waste.

But we can stop this era of overconsumption and say “NO” to the BLACK FRIDAY. OUR decisions have the direct impact on the shape of the world. We can buy consciously, thinking on what we are spending our money, do we really need those things and what exactly impact our purchase will have. This is how we can slowly but permanently change this world.

How we can proceed? Well, first of all we can buy locally from small businesses. Maybe you know somebody who is designing clothes, creating handicrafts or selling something really unique and local.

VE-LIFESTYLE offers high quality products that will serve you for many years. We promote the “slow-fashion” which stands in opposition to so called “fast-fashion”. We say NO to BLACK FRIDAY. We respect our producers and we respect our customers. We hope that because of people like you – our customers – fashion will change from an industry of massive and cheap production to an ethical industry.

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