Have you ever thought how fashion and sustainability, two totally different things can coexist together? Sustainability is about slowness, care, flourishing and responsibility. Fashion is sexy, exclusive, very fast moving and recently hasn’t been very sustainable. We are drawing in clothes and textiles. Did you know that statistically we have 4 times more clothes in our wardrobe than our parents did? Each year tons of clothes are landing in landfills and all the time fast fashion is chasing that fantasy that buying more clothes will make us happier. Don’t forget that people who are making our clothes mostly work in very poor conditions and they are paid very poor as well.

     So how can fashion and sustainability coexist? I found a great video from TED conference form SYDNEY 2016 with a great speech of Clara Vuletich – a designer, researcher, educator and consultant who has worked in the sustainable fashion space in UK and Europe for ten years, that is answering this question. Clara was part of the team at the University of the Arts London who designed The TEN, a pioneering sustainable design methodology used by brands including H&M; VF. Corp. and Gucci Group. She explains perfectly what supposed to be changed in US to achieve the goal that make the fashion more ethical and sustainable.

It means think good before buying new clothes, answer a simple question: “Do I really need it?”. Repair instead of throwing away. Choose companies that produce locally, in attested factories where employees’ and humans’ rights are respected. It means also to choose organic or 100% recyclable materials and to think about the last step of the garment life. Think about our environment and animals, choose vegan products without any materials of animal origin. It means finally to buy clothes with good quality which drive us to the point to buy LESS.

     I encourage you to find 18 min and to watch this video till the end. Click here to watch the video.

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