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On every step of our activity VE-lifestyle is collaborating only with highly selected producers which are working in an ethical way. From the producing process to the end customer delivery we are careful checking whether our requirements have been met. We collaborate only with producers who produce in EU countries, like Poland, or those who can show off certificates like Fairtrade or Fair Wear Foundation. In terms of delivery we choose Bpost as our shipment partner. Bpost is taking care of its employees by creating ethical work conditions. Equality, a zero-tolerance policy regarding violations of human rights and diversity these are only few of the most important values for this company. The environmental aspect plays also a very important role in the company’s life. The goal of Bpost is to achieve by 2030 a 20% reduction - compared to 2017 levels - in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from their activities. We keep our finger crossed!

If you like our initiative, you have the same vision and you would like to become our partner, please contact us using this contact form. Together we can change the world!