You have just bought vegan shoes and you’re wondering how to take care of them? We get more and more questions how to protect my new vegan shoes? What kind of product can I use to not destroy microfiber? May I wash them or not? Today we will answer all your questions. To start we need to say that taking care of vegan shoes is definitely less complicated than shoes with leather. Most of our shoes are made from microfibre, it is water resistant and that makes our life much easier! When it comes to care – it varies a bit with different materials of shoe tops.

MICROFIBRE – the most common material in our shop is definitely not just some kind of fake leather. Our microfibre is manufactured without CO2 emission and it does not contain any chemical substances that are harmful to humans or environment. When you wear your shoes off totally you can easily recycle it in 100% by simply putting it to a right bin. Moreover, it is breathing and water resistant – even this ‘suede’ kind. It is good to impregnate it from time to time to keep it nice looking and more resistant to dirt. For that you can easily use standard products available on the market. You can clean microfibre with damp cloth and when needed you can use some mild soap. To clean the ‘suede’ one is the same and a soft brush will help sometimes.

PIÑATEX – if you are not familiar with this material – it is made from pineapple leaves fibres. Piñatex is water resistant but to keep it that way you need to waterproof it with a dedicated product. From time to time, it is good to polish it with a product in a similar colour – to keep it looking fresh. For cleaning damp cloth and sometimes a bit of mild soap is recommended.

CORK this natural fabric is waterproof and all you need to do to clean it is use damp cloth and optionally a bit of mild soap. Do not polish natural cork!

Et voila, it is really nothing complicated. We wish you a lot of unforgettable and comfortable kilometres in our shoes!

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