During our search for vegan shoes, we discovered how difficult it is to find fashionable shoes. The shoes we liked only existed in the leather version and the quality of affordable vegan shoes was poor. That is why we have taken matters into our own hands and taken up the challenge. Buying vegan shoes should be easy! So here we are; an honest vegan shoes, handmade with sustainable materials and fashionable designs. 

Our mission is to support and advance your journey in consciousness, in a responsible way, so you can express your values beautifully. Our shoes are ethically made in Portugal without any animal cruelty. Together we make the fashion industry vegan. 

The shift in our collective consciousness makes us realize the significance of the greater whole, which increases our sense of responsibility for this earth. Yet people often do not realize what kind of (animal) suffering is hidden behind the leather industry. Why would you choose real leather if there is a loving alternative, where quality, comfort and appearance do not have to be compromised? With VENUS IS VEGAN I want to contribute to the vegan shoe industry, so that this choice can be made easier. Let's step into kindness.